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14-65  Extend Bars Chocolate Crunch (Box of 15)

Extend Snacks

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Because Extend Snacks convert to blood sugar so gradually, they offer people with diabetes benefits most other foods and snacks cannot, to help make life simpler and more enjoyable.

Extend Snacks work for up to 9 hours to help

  • Prevent low blood sugar
  • Prevent high blood sugar
  • Control your hunger
  • Protect your heart

Extend Snacks benefits at a glance

Appetite Control

Helps prevent low blood sugar

Helps prevent high blood sugar Helps protect your heart

·   Helps control hunger between meals

·   Reduces calories consumed at your next meal an average of 21%

·   Reduces disturbing overnight lows by 75%

·   Keeps blood sugar levels stable during and even hours after exercise

·   Prevents blood sugar levels from dropping too low when a meal gets delayed

·   Won’t spike blood sugar after eating

·   Reduces morning blood sugar highs by an average of 28%

·   Low/reduced fat

·   Cholesterol-free

·   Contains no trans-fats

·   Good source of Soy Protein and Soluble Fiber (Delight bars and Crisps)

Your biggest challenge in managing your diabetes is controlling your hunger and your weight...

Low blood sugar or large swings in blood sugar can trigger hunger, making it extremely difficult to stay on track with your diet and manage your weight. By helping to stabilize blood sugar levels for up to 9 hours, Extend Snacks help you control hunger between meals and consume fewer calories at meals.

Use Extend Snacks as a tasty between meal snack to help you control your hunger and reduce the calories you eat at your next meal an average of 21%.

You can successfully manage your blood sugar during the day but often wake to morning highs...

You may be experiencing what professionals call the “Liver Glycogen Rebound Effect” while you sleep. Blood sugar naturally drops as you sleep. If it drops too low, your liver releases a stored form of sugar called glycogen, causing blood sugar levels to jump dramatically.

Extend Snacks have been clinical shown to help keep your blood sugar levels from dropping too low, preventing this Liver Glycogen Rebound Effect.

Enjoy Extend Snacks as a bedtime snack to help reduce morning blood sugar levels an average of 28%.
Your blood sugar levels are usually high, day and night...

So many of the snacks we love can cause our blood sugar to rise sharply. But with a low glycemic index and little to no sugar, ExtendBar Delights and ExtendCrisps won’t raise blood sugar levels significantly. So you can eat them anytime, and anywhere without worrying about your blood sugar spiking.

Extend Snacks also help to suppress your appetite for up to 9 hours, so you’ll eat less, which helps bring your blood sugar levels down even further.

Replace your current daytime and evening snacks with delicious ExtendBar Delight or ExtendCrisps to help bring high blood sugar levels down.
You find it hard to prevent blood sugar swings, particularly low blood sugar...

Some of the hardest times to prevent low blood sugar are overnight and during or right after exercise. Because Extend Snacks convert to blood sugar gradually over 7-9 hours, they provide you with a continuous source of energy to help prevent blood sugar lows. In clinical studies, an Extend Snacks before bed reduced low blood sugar episodes overnight by 75%.

Count on Extend Snacks before bed or exercise to help you avoid annoying blood sugar lows.


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